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Project Services

Industrial Fabrication

  • Fabrication of C.S. & S.S. Vent Stacks, Pipe lines including Pipe Supports Saddles, Tanks, Vessels, Platforms / Hand Rails / Ladders, Steel Structural Buildings / Sheds and Mechanical Components for all kind of Industrial Projects etc…

  • ALUMINUM Fabrication and Installation of Industrial Projects.

  • Fabrication and Installation of high pressure fire fighting pipe lines and water sprinkler systems and irrigation systems on fire fighting supply system.

  • Fabrication & Installation of Gas, Air, Sweet/Raw Water pipe  lines.

  • Fabrication & Installation of sewerage pipe lines.

  • General maintenance of heavy and light equipments.

  • Fabrication of machining components / parts.

  • Blasting and Painting of Industrial Pipe Spools, Equipments,  Steel Structural Building / Sheds and Stacks/Flare etc...

Industrial Contracting

Electrical construction work consists of all electrical switchgears, ups, cable wiring, overhead and underground distribution systems up to Low Voltages, including laying, termination and connection of cable and installation of poles, transformers, distribution cabinets meters and substation rooms etc…

Civil construction work includes but is not limited to industrial earthwork projects, site grading and site roads in industrial area etc. All these projects involve heavy hauling of fill materials, riprap placement, grading, compaction and asphalting.
Civil Construction work further includes all types of buildings in traditional and/or concrete execution, renovation of buildings in all verities, pipe trenches, cable trenches, industrial safety guards, industrial concrete structural works, equipment foundations, piping supports (sleeper) demolition of concrete and steel structures and installation of perimeter security fences.

SPARKLINK has within its senior management many years of experience covering oil, and petrochemical plant shutdowns; we are currently at a stage of to supply a skilled or non skilled manpower to complete the major shutdown jobs only.

Corrosion Control Works

  • Granite Blasting

  • Painting System

Within the wide spectrum of anti-corrosion technology, SPARKLINK has dedicated resources also towards the following areas:-Grit and high pressure water surface preparation, for both concrete and steel.

Application of specialized industrial coating including polymer modified cementations cutting, Epoxy coating and Urethanes.

Concrete repair and conventional removal methods, Core Drilling from 1” to 7” dia. by 50cm lg. drilling bit and above dia. Hole shall be drilled through our own technology. The management also has considerable experience of major earth stabilization using shot Crete.

Engineering & Technical Services (Our range of services includes)

At SPARKLINK, we revel in the challenge of meeting and exceeding your engineering needs. As a leader in the design and implementation of industrial process control systems, our solutions address your short and long-term requirements, enabling you to gain and hold the competitive advantage well into the future.

  • Projects Design and Development

  • Drafting and Detailing / Shop Drawings

  • Fabrication and Erection / Installation

  • Third-Party NDT & Inspection / Expediting

  • Equipment Failure Analysis / Maintenance

  • Machining (Tools & Die) and Commissioning


Packed Solution

Data Acquisition & Control Applications

Waste Heat Recovery Boilers

  • Complete prepared solution for waste heat recovery boilers.

  • Selected, reliable, proven and cost effective field instruments sourcing such as temperature, pressure, signal conditioners

  • Very cost effective but highly reliable data acquisition & control hardware

  • Perfect HMI design & development as per operator and system engineer requirement

  • Industry proven OPC servers, Web servers, HMI builders, device drivers, data logging and file conversion

Diesel/ Gas Generator Sets

  • Low cost prepared solution for engine control, monitoring & protection

  • Complete prepared solution for power control monitoring & protection

  • Solution for load management/ energy management

Water Tube/ Fire Tube Boilers

Complete developed package

  • Burner management system

  • Flame proving system

  • 3-element drum level control system

  • Water, gas, oil, steam flow metering

  • Online monitoring, control, system management and data logging system

Power & Distribution System

  • Solution for load management/ energy management

Water softeners

  • Low cost, reliable field sensors such as pH transmitter, conductivity transmitter

  • Data logging and online monitoring

RO Plants

  • Low cost, reliable field sensors such as pH transmitter, conductivity transmitter

  • Auto control and regeneration system

  • Data logging and online monitoring

Burners & Fabrication


  • Burner renovation, repairing

  • Dual fuel conversion system oil/gas for old & new boilers

  • Micro modulation system for optimum performance and fuel conservation


  • Equipped facility for boiler’s burner repairing & fabrication

  • Erection of plant, plant pipeline & fabrication

Power Generation

  • Synchronizing panels

  • Power distribution panels

  • ATS Panels

  • AMF Panels

  • Dual Fuel Conversion System (Diesel /Gas)

  • Gas Trains

Telemetry Systems (Data Control & Collection Method)



SPARKLINK shall shoulder the responsibility of Total Quality Management of the work thus performed by them, and provide warranty for a limited time.




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